PhD grant proposal in the university Lyon 1, France

PhD grant proposal for a student preparing a master's degree in biochemistry, pharmacy to compete for a thesis funding proposed by the university Lyon 1.

The deadline for application is April 6th, 2020. Very elitist, this 3 years thesis funding (a little more than 100 k€) is reserved for very good CVs.

The proposed project will be to resolve by cryo-electron microscopy the structure of a protein target of echinocandins in yeast and to characterize its function, in order to develop new inhibitors. It is therefore a project at the interface between structural biology, biochemistry and medicinal chemistry.

An important restriction to this competition is that the Master prepared this year or obtained last year must be  NOT obtained in collaboration with a French university. It can be done with a university from another country, but not France.


For more information, please contact:

Pierre Falson, PhD, CNRS Research Director.
Drug Resistance & Membrane Proteins Group Leader
Molecular Microbiology and Structural Biochemistry Laboratory
IBCP, 7 passage du Vercors, 69367 LYon France
+33 646580266

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