UNEP-UNESCO-BMU postgraduate courses in Environmental Management

This is to draw your attention to a call from the Technical University of Dresden in the field of Environmental Management. Please find attached the programme flyer for further distribution in your network. The following links lead you to the more detailed descriptions of the postgraduate courses:


https://tu-dresden.de/bu/umwelt/cipsem/unep-unesco-bmu as well as https://cloudstore.zih.tu-dresden.de/index.php/s/RNKykd9rrqwNoYF. Contact person at TU Dresden is Ms Anna Görner (anna.goerner@tu-dresden.de or unep@mailbox.tu-dresden.de).


While the subject specific courses address experts in leading positions, the postgraduate course (six months) is also open to younger applicants. Interested candidates have the opportunity to apply here





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